Seven Pillars of Strength


Commitment to Clients

Committed to clients is all about client service. Focus on keeping the clients happy and preserving/growing the relationship.

We always ask ourselves - would we treat our family any better?


Commitment to employees

A commitment to our team is about making a great workplace and the belief that the best workplace creates the best work.

We always ask ourselves - would we treat our family any better?


Ethics and honesty

Honesty and ethics often manifest that focuses on pushing clients to do what is right rather than what they want. We also highly value ethics in all business practices.


Value based Billing

This allows us to capture the high value we create for a client on what might be a relatively simple project. Unlike project based billing this is not based on time and materials, rather it is based on an understanding of the value to the client.


Social responsibility

Colman Creative align with like-minded business focusing on family first and making a difference in the Community. We look at it as 'If it makes a difference to family then it makes a difference to us'


Excellence and quality

Excellence with our core focus on the quality. We always ask ourselves - would we give our family any better?



It is a family name to show we are small but caring and willing to listen. To help your business whenever we can like family members do with each other.